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One Whey® Bar is well-known for its delicious flavours and healthy nutritional content. A carefully balanced composition of three different high-quality proteins covered in dark chocolate makes it suitable for all physically active individuals looking to increase their daily protein intake. One Whey® Bar is for anyone who needs a quick and tasty mid-day snack, or a nibble pre- and post-workout. + 17 g of high-quality protein + Whey protein isolate, milk protein, egg albumin + Dark chocolate (58%) + Gluten-free One Whey® Bar is the perfect snack for active individuals who wish to build muscle while increasing their energy levels and recover rate. One Whey® Bar’s is derived from three protein sources that contain all essential- and branched amino acids. Amino Acids support muscle recovery and build muscle. To prevent muscle breakdown in active individuals, it is important get enough protein every day. Muscles break down during strenuous physical activity and rebuild themselves only when there is plentiful supply of amino acids available. This is why people with physically demanding lifestyles need more protein than those who lead sedentary ones. One Whey® Bar has high bioavailability, low lactose content and no gluten, making it an excellent source of protein. One Whey® Bar contains both essential amino acids (EAA) and branched chain amino acids (BCAA). The most important times to supplement with protein is when amino acid levels are running low, especially mainly in the morning, after a workout and in-between meals. Research has shown that an intake of protein from different sources increases the biological value and uptake of the protein. You should try to get your protein from different sources throughout the day.

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