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As early as 1890, Johan Dunker started "Förenade gummifabrikernas AB" in Helsingborg, Sweden. At first only galoshes were made but they were not of good enough quality. Johan's son Henry decided to go to the then leading manufacturers in rubber, namely the Russians. But when the Russians did not want to help Henry, he instead went to Riga for a visit to the chemist Julius von Gerkan, who later became technical manager of the high-quality Helsingborg rubber. The company soon changed its name to Tretorn AB and in time the factory also began to cooperate with Trelleborg's rubber factory and start sales offices in Copenhagen, Berlin and Vienna and the range was expanded to balls, bathing caps and decks. After the Second World War, there was a shortage of rubber when the plantations to the east were destroyed, so they reduced production on galoshes and focused instead on making boots and tennis balls. In 1976, Tretorn also collaborated with Abba and designed a special edition clog collection, and in 1977 tennis legend Björn Borg began helping them develop their tennis range. As Tretorn possesses extensive knowledge regarding the production of balls, they also began to produce padel balls.

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