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In 2009, Theragun's founder Jason Wersland was involved in a motorcycle accident and began searching for a solution to his aching pain. He begins to design a makeshift tool, which without knowing it became the prototype for the first Theragun. Jason is a doctor and found that at a certain depth and at a certain speed, his tool was effective in relieving muscle pain. In 2016, his final product, a number of prototypes later, will hit the market and customers around the world will experience the magic of slaughter therapy. Several sequels are being made and in 2020 there will also be the Therabody app where you can use bluetooth to regulate Theragun's speed and get tips on personal health routines. In addition to thousands of satisfied customers, Theragun is used and represented by, among others, football professional Christiano Ronaldo and tennis star Maria Sharapova.

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