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In 2011, Anthony Katz began building Hyperice - a holistic high-performance health brand with the vision to help people move and live better. With a variety of technologies such as dynamic air compression, vibration and sensory technology and the world's best athletes, teams and leagues as representatives of the brand, the brand has grown globally at a crazy pace. Some big names are Naomi Osaka, Patrick Mahomes and Swedish padel player Simon Vasquez. The NBA, NFL,PGA TOUR are also some leagues that advocate the products. Initially, Anthony tested various prototypes, such as attaching cooler bags to wetsuits and then adding vibration and inspiration from a foam roller.The prototype was developed and the design was tidied up and became practical. Today, Hyperice is available as a massage gun, heat massage, cooling compression and trousers with dynamic air compression. It's not for nothing Hyperice's slogan is "Do What You Love. More."

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