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Harlem Padel

Harlem Padel

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Harlem Padel is a Spanish brand that was founded in 2016 and entered the Swedish market shortly thereafter. Their padel rackets consist of lavishm aterial choices for the best durability at better prices. All rackets have a hybrid shape, but they differ in hardness and have different bridges between the shaft and the sweetspot, which makes the rackets solid but gives different balance depending on the model. The Harlem Padel Corex 18K power model, for example, has a hard surface but the core is soft, which gives a catapult effect to every stroke. Nirvana 12K2021 has a softer surface together with a softer core which gives a feeling of control as the ball stays longer in the racket with each stroke.

Harlem Padel also collaborates with ShockOut, a company that develops products to dampen the vibrations in padel racket. This makes the rackets well suited for players who want to prevent padel elbow.

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