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The Exel floorball brand was founded in 1960 by three chemists in Finland. The name originally comes from the word “explosive technology”when the company initially produced electronic detonators for explosives, but since 1970 they have been one of Finland's largest manufacturers of sports products. All of Exel's products are made of composite material and in 1993 their first floorball shaft was launched,which put Exel on the floorball map and made them infamous for their pioneering spirit, which has resulted in a number of World Cup victories. Their logo is a key flag, which symbolizes Finnish work as the product has both been manufactured and given jobs to people in Finland. Exel believes that it is also a responsible choice of values that contribute to Finland's competitiveness and prosperity. In 2012, Peter "Foppa" Forsberg also joined the company, which continues to strive for better products for all levels.

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